The philosophy of harmony and equilibrium

Profiting from continuous improvement over the last 10 years, HAEQUEO, with its unmatched characteristics, is the chosen line of dermal fillers for renowned key opinion leaders all around the world. We are proud to have combined in HAEQUEO all the properties that customers and physicians look for in a filler.

Embrace the HAEQUEO philosophy.

A philosophy of harmony and equilibrium for a durable yet natural result.

From a “single area” approach to the holistic treatment with HAEQUEO: a whole restructuring process, encompassing wrinkles reduction, volume restoration, muscle rebalancing and skin quality.

Why you should choose HAEQUEO

  • Natural, yet durable corrections, thanks to the intrinsic and unique features of the filler.
  • Increased effectiveness enhanced by the monophasic structure and one-of-a-kind properties.
  • Quality and Safety, due to advanced manufacturing processes that deliver a pure product.


Fillers are usually either very hard to offer a longer lasting effect or soft to give a natural result, but not lasting as long. The former types lack natural effect, the latter durability. It’s a matter of harmony and equilibrium. HAEQUEO spreads homogeneosly in the skin interstitial spaces, maintaining outstanding durability while keeping the correction as natural as it gets. This unique ability is called PERMEANCE™ and it is defined as “expandable cohesiveness within the tissue”.

Low-reticulation, ideal for superficial wrinkles, expression lines, external angles of eyes and lips; given its softer texture, HAEQUEO CLASSIC is also ideal for hands and in other areas alone or in combination with other treatments

Medium-reticulation, specifically imagined and designed for areas like lips and tip of the nose.

High-reticulation, highest cohesiveness in the line, for deep wrinkles, chin, zygomatic area, nasolabial folds.